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8.26.14 @ American Bank Center

Corpus Christi TX


8.27.14 @ Pharr Events Center Pharr TX



STEAM: Now you guys are from Mississippi, you can definitely hear the southern influence in your music. Do you think that gives you guys an identity as a band?

CHRIS: I think so, we all grew up listening to a lot of country and a lot of blues, our taste really kind of stemmed from what our parents listened to when we were growing up. Where I’m from we didn’t have rock radio, we didn’t have cable so I wasn’t among the MTV Generation. In a weird sort of way we were locked away from the rest of the world. We started as Country and eventually molded into Rock and Roll. If you listen closely you can hear some of the greats in our music as we were developing into a rock band.


STEAM: Tell me how that transition from Country to Rock happened? Did you wake up one day and all say… “hey, I think we should play Rock music now”…?

CHRIS: Rock was always our passion but it was really hard to find. We literally had to go to the local record store and scan through the album covers to find the scariest one we could find. We had to go out and find it on our own. At the same time I was learning to play country guitar. Having to go out and find it constantly fed our curiosity and fueled our passion to play rock. We still have a flavor of country music in our sound, but not so much thought not to be defined as it.


STEAM: What kind of music genre do you feel the group falls into?

CHRIS: We’re no frills rock band. We just write music and play.


STEAM: Do you get frustrated when people try to put another label on you?

CHRIS: No, to me its bullshit, I ignore it when I hear it.


STEAM: You guys have had a tremendous amount of success with multiple albums to debuting at #1 on the Billboard Charts. Do you feel that the success you guys have had has left people looking at you negatively and made others jealous of you guys?

CHRIS: It’s a hard business to be in, especially to be in it successfully for many, many years, which is pretty much impossible, but when it does happen, the bands that get left behind feel a sense of hatred. It’s not their fault and it’s not our fault, it’s just the way it is. All we do is write music and go play, if we had the magical answers for success… everyone would have them.


STEAM: What’s the day leading up to a show like for you guys?

CHRIS: We’re actually up pretty early in the morning, move around, work out, and eat lunch, that kind of thing. During the day there’s always something to do… case in point, interviews. I kind of let the day develop on its own and see what people have for me.

STEAM: You guys played at the NHL All Star Game, Which must have been great. What other than that would be your dream event to do a small set at?

CHRIS: Well I’ll tell you what; I’d be scared to death to perform at the Super Bowl because everybody sucks at that. It’s hard to sound good on TV, especially in front of 250 million people. Though it would be nice to play at the Super Bowl, but you’ve gotta be a mega-mega-mega artist to even get that call. If we get a call like that it would be a dream come true…. But if we did get the opportunity I’d be one scared dude.

STEAM: Who are some dream artist that you’d like to share the stage with?

CHRIS: To be honest, almost everyone’s favorite band growing up we’ve had a chance to play with or open for. I would say it would be great to pair up with Iron Maiden… or Rush

STEAM: On a final note, obviously Kryptonite is one of your most well received songs; did you guys get a call when they remade Superman?

CHRIS: No we didn’t get a call, we certainly would’ve like to but it didn’t happen. To be honest we didn’t expect it.

STEAM: Chris, thank you for your time.

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