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Painting Tile, Rocks, Canvas, Stucco, Even Humans



Words by Tamma Hicks, STEAM Magazine


Louis Quinones is a talented musician from Corpus Christi and you’ve probably seen him perform as he’s played with many bands over the years. In fact you may have heard of him right here; we did a story on his music career in the July 2012 issue. But what you may not know is that he is an equally talented artist and, again, you’ve probably seen his work without realizing it was his.


When Louis was very young he had an uncle that was a gifted artist who painted beautiful Spanish villas and seascapes as well as people and animals. On his sixth birthday the uncle passed and it was then that art became Louis’ passion. Like the uncle, he paints whatever inspires him with whatever he has available. As he told me, “If I have to, I’ll paint with berries.”

Louis has no preference or fear of size (he does everything from the intricate fine line details to enormous wall murals).


He also uses many mediums to get the desired effect, but his versatility doesn’t stop there. He’ll paint on anything and tackle any subject. Tile, rocks, canvas, stucco, even humans – he’s a tattoo artist too. Right now he is working mostly with acrylics and oil and one of his works in progress is of a mother with her children running through a storm. Only partially done and yet he’s captured the moment completely. Currently he is working on wall murals at the Mercado Bingo Hall on Airline Road and Holly Drive in Corpus Christi.


When it comes to paper he prefers charcoal and pencil, although he’s not afraid to ad splashes of color. He is a skilled airbrush artist and has painted on everything from welding masks to motorcycles to barbeque pits to guitars and cases. As you can guess, Louis does private party and corporate commission work.


If you’d like to see his work in person check out the murals at the Mercado Bingo Hall and at Mr. Fancy Pants Carwash on S Staples Street and Lipes Boulevard and Ayers Street Music (3433 Ayers Street CC TX) has guitars painted by Louis and some paintings.


Of course you can always find him on Facebook at Louis Quinones. 

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