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Sad Songs Make Him Smile

Words by Tamma Hicks, STEAM Magazine
STEAM   What inspires the music you write?

TD  I've been inspired by a lot of things. I find I do lean towards sadder subjects. I am careful not to write every song about a girl or failed love. I do have songs like that but I try not to "Randy Rogers" the listener with the same 'ol whiney break up songs. There are other kinds of heartache. I love a sad song, they make me smile.


STEAM   Tell me about your last album and are you working on a new album? 

TD  The last album, Closer to Town, wasn't really planned. A friend of mine, Cassie Kirkpatrick, hooked the whole thing up. She and I went to Media Tech Institute in Austin for audio engineering. We didn't attend at the same time but found we had that in common. She became good friends with Jacob Sciba, the house engineer at Perdenales. She came to a show and told me she could get some time there. We set it up with the financial help of my loving Godparents, Jeannie and Terry Gage and recorded it in 3 days. I didn't have a band just a bass player, Justin Butts. Cassie and Jacob got Brian Beken in there with his fiddle and mandolin. I took Pake Rossi with me to help with production and we got as much as we could done in the short time we had. I'm happy with it. It’s raw.


The second album hasn't been quite as easy. I've learned planning an album with a band is tough. It'll happen, though. When it does, it's going to be good.


STEAM   I have seen you do mostly acoustic shows with some of your friends, I heard that you have a band now and who’s in it?

TD  I was doing a lot of acoustic shows with Pake Rossi, Jason Maddox, Dan Brodhag, Tyler McCumber, and all of our crew. Now we're doing almost 100% band stuff. Tony Saracene plays lead in the band. His playing is really something words can't describe. You just have to watch and listen. We should call it the Tony Saracene Band. Bobby Donahoe plays the drums. I love the way he plays. It sound like the 60's, man. Like Mitch Mitchell or something; very dynamic. My brother Jason Maddox is on bass guitar. He's really kickin' butt too. Originally a lead guitar player and singer song writer he's taken to bass like a duck to water. And yours truly on acoustic and harmonica. We really have something special going on.  I couldn't ask for a better band.


STEAM  Do you have any plans for touring?

TD  We'd love to tour. We just need a financial boost.  We love what we do but it ain't easy getting to the "next level" when you're broke. We have the talent and ambition but the money is tight. Yes, this is a hint to anyone who wants to help.



Where you can find the Ty Dietz Band:


Nov 2 Dr Rockits, Corpus Christi

Nov 9 Dr Rockits, Corpus Christi

Nov 12 Giggity's, Port Aransas

Nov 14 Tin Can Tavern, Corpus Christi

Nov 15 Private Event

Nov 22 Giggity's, Port Aransas

Nov 29 Frontier, Calallen (CC)

Dec 3 Giggity's, Port Aransas

Dec 20 Frontier, Calallen (CC)

Dec 24 Giggity's, Port Aransas

Dec 26 Shorty's, Port Aransas


Online @ Ty-DietZ-Music and ty.dietz tydietz ty-dietz


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