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There is nothing better than going out with the girls, hitting a good restaurant, and hearing some good music and it only makes it better when you can do both in one place! I’ve met the owner a few times and he bragged about their burgers, so a few Fridays ago I grabbed some friends and headed to South Texas Ice House Bar & Grill.

South Texas Ice House just went through a remodel in which they enlarged their seating area, opened a second bar, and added a smoking area. Their huge dance floor fills up as soon as the music starts and whether you are into rocking the night away (Fridays) or two-stepping to some of the state’s best musicians (Saturdays), or just letting your hair down before the week starts with John Eric on Sundays – This is the place to be!  To tell you the truth – it’s beautiful!

We got their a little late for dinner and too early for the music crowd so seating wasn’t hard to find. Our waitress was spot on and had great suggestions. Although our table stuck with an old stand-by, Bud Light, both bars are fully stocked and the bartenders are well versed in making drinks your heart desires.
We started off with the Loaded Fries which was a yummy take on potato skins and one plate was plenty for us. South Texas Ice House now has “Blackboard Specials”. These specials change daily and are not on their menu. The first meal to our table was the Blackboard Special: three soft chicken tacos with chips and salsa. The grilled chicken and peppers made this a very light meal and we really enjoyed it. The best part of going with a group like this is that we all get to sample everything, so when the Beef Quesadillas arrived on our table not only were they delicious, easy to share, but gone quickly.

Finally the burgers arrived! As I said the owner brags about them and he absolutely has a right too! First, we dived into the Cheddar Bacon burger.  A half pound patty crossed with two large slices of bacon smothered with cheddar. The BBQ burger was covered with a sweet tangy sauce and piled high with shoestring onion rings and was quickly divided. Even though these burgers were wonderful my favorite part of these dishes was the onion rings. The batter South Texas Ice House uses had just the right flakiness, pepper, and tang.  Of course as we finished our meals our discussion went from family and shopping to what our workouts were going to be like for the next week to burn off all the calories!

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