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STEAM is dedicated to showcasing the areas vast array of artists in South Texas & beyond. We will keep you updated on gallery shows and performances throughout the coastal bend. We also feature local artist on our covers, so contact us for inquires.

Pepe Serna

Actors Workshop


Mexican Folk Art

This afternoon I am at Mi Casa Gallery in Austin Texas with Jim Luedeke, the proprietor. Mi Casa Gallery is the only location in Austin that features the Castillo family’s Mexican folkart called “Alebrijes”. One of the great things about Mi Casa and Jim specifically is that he has such a deep knowledge of all the artists and arts that are carried.

Alfonso Huerta

Master Artist

Ed Boyd

The Art of Vinyl

STEAM I know you are originally from Corpus Christi but how long have you lived in Rockport?
EB Since 1985. I’ve lived here longer than I did in Corpus Christi.

STEAM I hear you are a magician and used to pull a rabbit out of your hat. Are rabbits still part of your show?

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Gallery Guide

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