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It’s always nice to meet someone you have heard about. It’s even better when you get to interview him, but when we heard that JT Coldfire has a new album coming out we made it a point to meet up and find out more.

JT  We recorded new in Austin at my buddy’s studio using Austin musicians that have been with me for years. The new record will be aptly named "Makin Memories". That’s an old song I wrote when I was a teenager here in Corpus Christi. I’ve released it before but I felt it deserves a big push. The album can be bought through my website, at shows of course, and will also be available on iTunes soon enough. I’m looking to release it Memorial Day weekend.


STEAM  How long have you been in Austin and do you miss the Corpus Christi area?

JT  I’ve been in Austin since 2005 and I love it but I do miss the ocean a lot. Fishing does not cut it in Austin because what are considered keepers there, we would use as cut-bait here. It’s always great to be home.


STEAM  Tell me about the guys in your band.

JT  Band members always change in Austin because everyone needs to work and try to take care of themselves, so I use a lot of piece players.


STEAM  When did you  being playing guitar and who were your biggest influences?

JT  I started playing at 8 and never stopped. Hank Jr and Stevie Ray Vaughn have been massive influences on me for as long as I can remember but my father's voice is what I aspire to have.


STEAM  I really enjoyed watching your show. You have an uncanny stage presence. How did you learn to interact with the audience?

JT  Crowd interaction is probably my favorite part. I’ve spent more time onstage then at any home I’ve been in. You could say that a strange town or crowd is more comfortable for me, because if someone doesn’t care for what I’m doing I don’t have to worry about seeing them again and if they do I don’t have to worry anyway; so, why worry.  I guess that’s how it works for me.


STEAM  Do you have any advice for up and coming musicians?

JT  Up and comers should always stick to their guns. I might not be a wealthy man but I’m very rewarded with all the great memories I have and people I’ve known. Every time I’ve compromised to accommodate others it’s bit me in the ass, so now I’ve been at it so long, and can do most of the work on my own, I never really have to compromise. If someone wants to change me, they don’t get me, so why worry? If they do get me, why worry?  This way failure or success is all on me and I like it that way.


STEAM  Well before you get back on stage… What’s your summer looking like? Do you plan to tour or record another album?

JT  I will be on a European tour this summer all the while working on the next record. I’m excited about this and I’m glad to be a part of Texas music. By the way, I’m always playing, so I can be seen all over Texas for the next few months before I leave to Europe. Easiest way to know where I’ll be is my website or facebook page. Thanks for having me and be good or be good at it.


Wednesdays @ 10:30pm Friends Bar on 6th Street, Austin TX


JT ColdFire

From Texas to Europe


By Tamma Hicks

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